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Simulation Game

Online Simulation on Climate Change

30 young leaders from 17 countries took part in our online simulation game “NISIA – Climate induced conflicts”. The simulation game deals with the complex challenges that developing states are confronted with as consequences of climate change. It is set on the fictional island state of Nisia, which is facing severe problems such as a poor economic development, poverty and rapid urbanization. Slowly changing patterns in the climate as well as acute impacts of extreme weather make the situation even more challenging and while affecting many of the existing difficulties, they are likely to create new ones.

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The participants took over the role of representatives of various institutions, such as political parties, the tourism industry or civil society organizations. In three thematic committees they tried to develop a strategic plan for key questions for the future development.  Through the simulation, the participants not only gained a deeper understanding of the severe effects of climate change on developing states but could also develop their overall competences in complex problem solving.

Project Goals

The specific learning objectives of the simulation game NISIA are:

  • Understanding the broader effects that emerge through climate change and how they relate to other development challenges 
  • Understanding the pros and cons of concrete measures and possibilities to tackle those effects
  • Identifying ways of coming to sustainable solutions, which are inclusive to various interest groups 
Target Group

The target group were 30 participants of the Academy of Young Diplomats organized by the European Academy of Diplomacy, who are taking part in the project Mission Green Diplomacy.


This project was designed and implemented in close cooperation with