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Preparatory Training for the first-ever National Women ́s Conference for Peace in Cameroon

Within Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s efforts to support the peace process in Cameroon, CRISP Implements a training in simulation games techniques for Women leaders organizations.

Quick facts

25.07.2022 - 30.07.2022


Yaoundé, Cameroon


Cameroonian’s female leaders and peace builders, representatives of NGO and governmental organization.




CRISP's first successful experience in Cameroon. In partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Cameroon, CRISP implemented a simulation game with the participation of 60 women peacebuilders from different regions in Cameroon. During this first preparatory training to the “first ever National Women's Peace Conference in Cameroon”, the participants were introduced to the simulation game methodology and then laid out the framework for the simulation game design defining and elaborating a clear picture of tree conflicts: Far North / Boko Haram conflict; East conflict; North-West and South-West / Anglophone crisis.

Project Goals

In this unique experience, the overall goal of the training was first to define the conflicts by elaborating a clear picture of each one. Second to fix and explain the simulation activity relating to each conflict. Third to enable participants to operate with concepts of peaceful conflict transformation, including various conflict analysis tools and develop common analysis of the conflicts. Forth to collaboratively develop three new simulations games related to the three conflicts. finally, to agree on the format of presenting the results of the peace negotiations to the publicity, which is resultful and suitable for the involved participants.

Target Group(s)

Participants were female leaders working in NGOs or governmental organization, they are all active members of the National Women’s platform for Peace in Cameroon.

Planned Outcomes/Achievements

This Preparatory Training is the first step for the “first-ever National Women ́s Conference for Peace in Cameroon”, between the 17 and the 26 of September in Yaoundé, CRISP will meet again with the participants. The new setting of the 3 reality-based simulation will display the actual and current situation in Cameroon. The aim is to develop a “Declaration for Peace in Cameroon” and it will be presented to the government of Cameroon.


This project was designed and implemented in close cooperation with