CRISP - Project


Shaping Caucasus

Given the lack of involvement of the youth in politics of Russia and the Caucasus region, this project aims at increasing capacities among the youth for it to be able to communicate and advocate their needs more effectively to the government.

Quick facts


December 2015 - July 2016


North Caucasian Federal District, Krasnodar Krai and Republic of Adygeya




Approx. 180

For that purpose it is essential to improve the youth’s analytical, social and networking skills, and to foster strategic thinking. Hereby it will be made use of simulation games in order to show the possibilities for deeper civic participation on community level and enhance cooperation among youth civil society actors. The project will moreover serve as a starting point for further cooperation between the participants.

Target Group

In total we plan to reach about 182 local trainers and facilitators alongside 225 participants of workshops. Most important among these are the experienced local trainers who will be trained to later be able to function as mentors for the less experienced local facilitators and to jointly implement the previously developed simulation games. Other beneficiaries will be the participants of the workshops during the implementation phase

Project Goals

The project aims at achieving a range of different goals, with its main intention of strengthening the capabilities of the youth civil society sector. For that purpose it will be essential for the participants to get a better understanding of political systems, increase their capacities for implementation of projects and enhancing their toolkit for doing so. Moreover the project aims at increasing interconnectedness among these actors and fostering their willingness to act on a community level.


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