CRISP - Project


Simulating Egyptian Transition IV

The starting point of the project is the current situation in Egypt. Increasing social and economic cleavages that lead to an increasing loss of trust as well as a segregation among citizens, result in large parts of the population feeling marginalised. Due to this the project aims to establish channels of communication and support inclusion by setting best-practice-examples. In general, the project aims to increase active citizenship by empowering young change-makers, identifying available resources and focusing on combining the facilitation of these aspects especially among different sectors.

Quick facts


01.01. until 31.12.2017


in 15 different governorates in Egypt


approx. 300


approx. 1000
Target Group

Egyptian youth between 20 and 35 years old from various backgrounds, professions, regions, religions, and genders form the target group. The core activity of the SET-IV-Project is the identification, design and implementation of real-life initiatives. Based upon the previously created “Vision for Egypt 2025” (in 2015) and upon the respective networks among actors from the public, religious, media, civil society and the private sectors, we aim to design and implement joint activities (initiatives).

Project Goals

The project aims to contribute to a more peaceful society in Egypt where people live the main concept of the “Vision for Egypt 2025” and base their decisions on five values: Honesty, Equality, Social Justice, Freedom and Humanity. This shall be achieved by creating opportunities for constructive participation and peaceful coexistence on-the-ground. The main framework of this project is the common and shared “Vision for Egypt 2025”, which we hope not only spread, but also to go one-step further and start making this vision reality.


This project is funded by ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) with resources provided by the German Federal Foreign Office