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Young Women’s Political Academy

CRISP facilitated cooperation between women from Georgia, North Macedonia and Uzbekistan

Quick facts

05.12.2021 - 09.12.2021


Istanbul, Turkey


Young female politicians from Georgia, North Macedonoa and Uzbekistan




Young Women’s Political Academy is a part of the CHANGE project. Gender mainstreaming is in the focus of the program. Dr Aneta Arnaudovska, Senior Anti-corruption Advisor at the RAI Secretariat defines it as “the gender component in the legislations and policies, improving the national mechanism for the advancement of women, conducting awareness-raising activities to overcome existing stereotypes in society, preventing domestic violence, combating gender-based discrimination, ensuring women's participation in politics and public life.

Project Goals

The CHANGE project aims to strengthen the individual and collective impact on democratic institutions, policies and social norms to advance gender equality, women’s human rights and `women’s safety.

Target Group(s)

23 young women from Georgia, North Macedonia and Uzbekistan, who are political party and/or Parliament members, elected in regional/local governances, have experience in running in national, regional or local elections, or are members of civil initiatives running for elections.

Planned Outcomes/Achievements

The five-day training Academy aimed at improving skills, knowledge and capacities of young women in politics or entering in politics to strengthen their meaningful participation in elected public offices at all levels of decision-making.