A New Generation of Peace and Conflict Consultants

CRISP started a further phase of the long-term project „Peace and Conflict Consultants“ (PCC) in Vadui lui Voda, Moldova

Our long term project „Peace and Conflict Consultants“ (PCC) kicked-off to a new phase in Vadui lui Voda, Moldova.  This year our consultants from 5 Eastern European partner countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) and Russia  will expand their activities and train the next generations of facilitators in their countries. Those facilitators will then be themselves in the role of conducting local workshops and peace initiatives dedicated to transform the different conflicts in the region. In order to fulfill this comprehensive task,  we provided our consultants with the necessary knowledge in developing curricula in the sensitive field of peacebuilding. Another focus during our 3-day seminar was to introduce the participants to the concept of infrastructure for peace, as they will start a mapping process of initiatives active in this field. We are looking forward to an exciting and productive year with our family of PCC’s.