A New Simulation Game With Our Project Y-LEAD

Under working package 5 in our project Y-LEAD, we developed a new simulation game focusing on local cooperation between cross-sectoral networks in Egypt.

From the 13th to 19th of February 2020, the workshop for the development of the simulation game for “Creating Local Networks” took place in Ismailia, Egypt. With successful collaboration between Nadi El Mohakah Foundation (Simulation Gamers Club, Egypt), Center for Development Services (CDS) and CRISP, 11 experienced participants from different governorates across Egypt came together to develop a new Simulation Game.

The workshop days were focused on gathering cooperation experiences from our NMF partners and accordingly develop a simulation game that reflects the real life practices of cross sectoral networking in Egypt. Therefore, based on their success stories, challenges and lessons learned, a simulation game was developed, and soon to be implemented 6 times by Nadi El Mohakah Foundation in 6 different governorates.

The simulation game developed “Magadeef” aims to achieve a better understanding of the importance of local networks, especially due to their potential impact, as well as getting a concrete idea about the mutual benefits of networking with different sectors. As well as developing new creative structures and/or formats for local networks and clarifying the roles of their members. And managing resources and developing a sustainability plan that ensures robust networks. These goals were established by the participants and were integrated into the development of the scenario, characters, rules & procedures and the evaluation of the game.