Cologne – a simulation game on fighting right-wing populism in Europe (Rexania)

The mission on fighting right-wing populism in Europe could not be more relevant and important than these days. To build on it we conducted a simulation game with over 20 students from the Berufskolleg Kartäuser Wall in Cologne.

At the beginning, the participants discussed the meaning and characteristics of right-wing populism. Due to this, the students had the opportunity to reflect and debate this issue outside the classroom. It not only helped them to reflect the causes of right-wing populism, it was also a thematically preparation for the simulation game Rexania on fighting right-wing populism in Europe. When the simulation game took place, the participants had the opportunity to learn through their role profile, how to be opposed to populism and populist opinions. At the end of the simulation game, the participants were supposed to deliberate again the attributes of right-wing populism as well as which solving approaches there might be. It also became clear that, due to the presence of the press, which reported about the fictional conference, that the media plays a large role and has a not to be underestimated impact, when it comes to right-wing populism. At the end of the two days, the participants reflected their experiences during the simulation game and what they have learned about the subject right-wing populism. The understanding of what right-wing populism means and which methods are possible to fight populist tendencies and arguments was one of the main goals.