Right-wing populism simulation game Rexania for German soldiers

CRISP conducted a simulation game for a group of German soldiers in Flensburg, in the Akademie Sankelmark

Our simulation game became a part of a 3-day conference “NATO´s Eastward Enlargement. Baltics and Russia”. The game was called Rexania, a fictional country in Western Europe with extreme growth of right-wing movement and some social and economic issues that were caused by a recent financial crisis. Parliamentary elections are very close and therefore the players were trying to reach agreements and develop strategies in various spheres of Rexania life. Ethnical minorities and their integration in the society became a focus of the negotiations.

CRISP spent the entire day with the soldiers teaching them the method that appeared to be a brand new experience for most participants. Though the game was limited in time, they managed to go through all the stages of the game, network, negotiate and present the results of the game. A lot of them would eagerly take part in simulation games again as they found it to be a very interesting and challenging learning tool.