10 years of CRISP

We almost cannot believe it ourselves, but calendars are not lying and a look in the mirror also proves it: CRISP is 10. It has been an amazing journey and looking back brings up plenty of moments we will never forget.

We are extremely delighted about the fact that we were able to expand our efforts to more and more different regions and we reached out to very diverse target groups. Especially, we are glad that we managed to support local organizations and initiatives in our target countries, which today are playing a vivid role in their societies.

For the next 10 years, we want to increase our attempts to link civil society actors with decision makers on local, as well as on national and international level. Here we see one of the main contributions as an external actor. Furthermore, we want to continue extending our different methodological approaches and follow-up on being an organization that supports and develops innovative approaches for conflict transformation. However, we will definitely continue in further refining the method of simulation gaming, by including more digital elements and anticipating relevant topics for social and political development in our target countries, but also in Germany. Moreover, we will use the method even more for scenario planning and this way contribute to constructive conflict transformation.

Without the support of our partners in our target regions, but also in Germany, without the support of our friends and families and without the phenomenal contributions of our participants, we would not have been able to grow that much during the last ten years. Many, many thanks to all of you and we sincerely hope that our joint journey will continue…see you soon, somewhere...