Middle East/ Northern Africa

A Vision for Jordan

For the first time, 19 participants from 4 different governorates across Jordan came together to develop the first Jordanian simulation game.

From the 4th to the 9th of July, our first Capacity Building Workshop for Simulation Game Development took place at the Dead Sea. In collaboration with CDS MENA and our local implementing partner Motivators for Training (MOTIVE), 19 enthusiastic participants from 4 governorates across Jordan came together to develop the first simulation game that is focusing on social challenges in Jordan.

Since this was the first time for the Jordanian youth to be introduced to the methodology of simulation games, the first 2 days of the workshop were dedicated to fully deliver the methodology to the participants; starting from what are simulation games to how to facilitate a simulation game. The information was well received by the participants and they were eager to start developing their own simulation game.

The focus of the simulation game is to have better understanding of social challenges in Jordan and to develop ideas on how to overcome these challenges. This will support the Jordanian youth to imagine a more inclusive Jordanian society with improved possibilities for participation (economical, political and social) of marginalized groups as well as identifying opportunities for constructive political participation.

The simulation game was tested by the participants themselves after the development phase, and will be implemented 4 times in 4 different governorates during September 2019. And based on the different results of the simulation game implementations we are hopeful to create A Vision for Jordan 2030 - Supporting Youth Active Citizenship for Community Development.