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A Vision for Jordanian Youth 2030

Since more than one third of the Jordanian population is youth under 30, the Kingdom of Jordan acknowledges the importance of investing in these young talents in driving social and economic development, as it works towards the National Youth Strategy 2018-2025. However, lack of coordination in this field, is one of the main obstacles at this stage.

Quick facts


01.03.2019 – 31.12.2019


3 different governorates in Jordan


more than 150 participants: municipality staff, other local stakeholders, partners, CDS, audience.


ca. 2.000

Therefore, we will implement a project called “The Vision for Jordanian Youth 2025” in cooperation with our local partners. Due to a series of non-formal-education workshops such as simulation games, the project will stimulate youth from different governorates to engage in dialogues and discussions about the most pressing issues in their communities and in their country as such.
The project lies in the purview of the Jordan Ministry of Social Development (MoSD), who have expressed their support. With strategic direction from MoSD, the project will follow a cross-sectoral approach, aiming at close cooperation of civil society actors with the private sector, state actors, as well as representa-tives of media, and religious institutions.

Project Goals

The project goal is to enable Jordanian youth to demonstrate an enhanced sense of com-mitment towards local development through social engagement within and beyond their communities. The project is divided into two phases: 1) Creating a Vision for Jordanian Youth 2025, and 2) Developing community-level initiatives that support the realization of the pre-viously developed vision in 2019. Within a follow-up phase the outlined community-led initi-atives shall be further developed, concretized and eventually implemented in 2020.

Target Group

Active youth from grassroots CSOs (Civil Society Organizations).


Activity 01: Kick off meeting
Activity 02: Capacity Building Workshop, Simulation Game Development + Test run (s)
Activity 03: Implementation Phase: Implementing Local Workshops: Simulation Game
Activity 04: Workshop: Creating the Vision for Jordanian Youth 2025.  

Outcomes / Achievements

As the outcome of the project is to develop a share Vision for Jordanian Youth 2025, and draw conclusions for its realization in terms of developing local community-based initia-tives, it is possible that opinions will differ between the participating youth and other stakeholders, where some actors will try to influence the others. Some local partners may be hesitant to the application of some of the community initiatives. Considering these negative responses, the project will endeavour to create an inclusive environment for all participants, where equal voice is given to all. At the same time, with direction and sup-port from MoSD, a smooth trajectory is expected till project end. If all goes as planned, there will be continued support from the state authorities to scale-up youth active citi-zenship measures.

Project Documentary

The Jordan Youth Vision 2030 project documentary


Our project on Jordanian National TV



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This project is funded by ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) with resources provided by the German Federal Foreign Office