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Presentation of Jordan Youth Vision 2030

The Jordan Youth Vision focuses on the most urgent challenges among youth in Jordan: employment, education and participation.


On the 4th of December 2019, Under the Patronage of H.E. Eng. Mousa Maaiteh, Minister of Political Affairs, the civil society consortium Motivators, CRISP and CDS had the honor to host the closing ceremony of the “Jordan Youth Vision 2030”.

It is of great pride that we implement this project with huge success; the project enabled Jordanian Youth to demonstrate their commitment towards local development through social engagement within and beyond their communities using innovative non-formal education methods.

The innovative approach of this project lies in the application of tools of non-formal-education, particularly the method of simulation gaming. This experienced-based learning tool was implemented for the first time in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The organizers developed together with the participants the simulation game “Ard El-Azm”. Within the scenario of the simulation game the participants find themselves in a fictitious city named “El-MaamouIa” (the Desired One) where they discuss social challenges of unemployment, poor education and lack of social participation.

The simulation game was implemented in four different governorates and reached more than 100 youth. Afterwards the results of the simulation games were gathered and clustered and eventually formed the Jordan Youth Vision 2030.

Now we are looking forward to realize this vision and to harmonize our individual and collective strengths, as well as our financial resources, to become a greater leverage for future change.