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Jordan Youth Vision 2030

The Jordan Youth Vision 2030 is now online. It aims to enhance the level of coordination between different stakeholders from different sectors across Jordan.

We are immensely proud and honored to share The Jordan Youth Vision 2030. This fruitful publication entails facts and figures about the current situation on the ground according to Jordanian youth, and how youth imagine for their future. The Jordan Youth Vision is focusing on the three main topics: Education, Employment and political participation.

The Jordan Youth Vision 2030 sets the foundation for concrete activities in the form of creative local initiatives that address social and economic problems at the community level. The vision also serves as a point of reference for key actors not only from civil-society, but also from other sectors such as business, media and authorities.

The vision functions in a threefold way: 1) A symbol for a common will of the youth for positive change; 2) A belief in the rich capacities and resources of Jordan youth that are not sufficiently used yet; and 3) Inclusion of a diversity of perspectives of youth in decision-making processes.


Please read the findings here [PDF]


We sincerely hope you find the Jordan Youth Vision a fruitful document for your work. If you are interested in further information about the follow-up of the project and/or want to join our endeavor in realizing the vision, please do not hesitate to contact us