Middle East/ Northern Africa

Jordan Youth Vision 2030 Documentary

We are very proud to share this documentary video about our project in Jordan in 2019.

Our project enabled Jordanian youth to demonstrate their commitment towards local development through social engagement within and beyond their communities using innovative non-formal education methods. The innovative approach of this project lies in the application of tools of non-formal-education, particularly the method of simulation gaming.

We, Motivators, CRISP and CDS, developed together with the participants the simulation game “Ard El-Azm”. This simulation game was successfully implemented in four different governorates, reaching more than 100 youth across Jordan. The results of the different implementations were analyzed and resulted in the creation of the Jordan Youth Vision 2030.

Our project is divided into two phases:

1. Creating a Vision for Jordanian Youth 2030, which we achieved in 2019;

2. Developing community-level initiatives that support the realization of the previously developed vision in 2019. Within a follow-up phase, the community-led initiatives shall be further developed and eventually implemented in 2020. So stay tuned for the outcomes of the community-led initiatives in 2020!