Middle East/ Northern Africa

Meeting the Minister

Support from the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs in Jordan for our project ‘A Vision for Jordanian Youth 2030’

We started a new project in Jordan in 2019, where we aim to develop a Vision for Jordanian Youth 2030. In Early July we secured the support of the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs in Jordan.

A new project, in a new country with new partners and new participants is of course exciting. In the course of the simulation game development workshop at the Dead Sea, from 04. to 09. of July 2019, we had a meeting with His Excellency Eng. Mousa Maaiteh, Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs.

The representatives of the project consortium Andreas Muckenfuß (CRISP) and the CEO of our Egyptian partner CDS Mr. Ali Mokthar, as well as Bady Buqieen from our Jordanian Partner Motive, presented the idea of developing a Vision for Youth in Jordan 2030 to his Excellency.

His Excellency liked the idea very much and immediately could see the benefits even beyond our direct participants and all those we will reach out to – the Vision developed by youth for youth could be a constructive starting point, in order to stimulate a more active citizenship among youth in the country.

By the end of the year we will have developed a vision for the country, including the results of the implementation phase of the simulation game in 4 different governorates.
A follow-up activity will take place which will enable us to collectively work on the realization of the vision, together with our participants, local partners and further stakeholders. Inshallah.