CRISP - Simulation game

Simulation game

Ard El Azm - Solving Social Problems

How to establish social structures that are inclusive for all citizens towards greater community cohesion?


Students, young professionals, between 18 & 35 years old (mixed groups desirable)


Urban Development, Democracy & Participation




< 4 hours, 4-6 hours

Number of participants





Arabic, English

One determining factor that shows the extent of community cohesion is the establishment of social structures that are inclusive of all  citizens. The simulation game "Ard  EI-Azm" is designed to equip members of civil society with the skills to recognize the various challenges within their society and provide practical solutions that could be implemented for all members. The participants find themselves in a fictitious city named "EI-Maamoula" (the Desired One) where they discuss the social challenges of unemployment, poor education, and lack of social participation. This simulation game is implemented for the first time in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It aims to motivate young people to identify the roots of social challenges and help them reflect on the reality of social challenges in their society during the evaluation stage.

Scenario & Procedure

The city is divided into two parts: the Eastern part, mainly inhabited by workers, small-scale farmers and their families, and the Western part, inhabited by businessmen, factory owners and merchants. Both categories share common areas and spaces. People living in the Eastern Part face many challenges; young men and women have high rates of unemployment, low levels of income relative to the basic cost of living, in addition to the weak education system and lack of youth participation in community matters. "EI-Maamoula" has three main affiliations/ organisations: Shabiba Council, Economic Council and Qalam (Pen) Coalition. Throughout the events of the game, citizens deal with different challenges in order to reach the most inclusive project idea, which will receive a generous donation given by a businessman named "Farhan EI-Zaalan", as stated in his will.


The main objective is to reach a Jordanian society that is more cohesive, united and harmonious. The importance of the inclusion of all social groups is strongly emphasized in the simulation game, in order to be able to overcome social challenges that have a negative impact on people's quality of life. The fictitious scenario portrays a situation through  which  the importance of overcoming unemployment is highlighted, especially for all youth. Awareness regarding how crucial social participation is, is raised clearly and all citizens, especially marginalized youth groups and women, are encouraged to be active members of their society, so their opinions can be represented and therefore their needs also met. The game makes the participants comprehend the significance of developing a good educational system and motivates young people to intensify their knowledge.