CRISP Annual Report of 2020

What a year. 2020 was challenging and in many ways extraordinary. We had to pause, to re-program, to adapt to the virtual space and to relaunch our activities. We sincerely hope you and your family and friends are fine.

As a team we have successfully managed to work in virtual reality and promote our values and conflict resolution practices under new conditions. During recent months we were finalizing our results and now we are glad to present our work achievements in 2020 in the Annual Report.
We are happy to share with you our annual report for 2020. Fortunately, we were able to continue many of our long-term projects and at the same time set up new partnerships, pushing forward new ideas, and establish new initiatives.
In January 2020 we started the project “SIMschool – teaching human rights with simulation games” with our partner EdCamp Ukraine. The idea of promoting tolerance and finding new ways of constructive dialogue on the past was realised in the follow-up of the project “Hidden memories” with the organization Kyiv Educational Center.
Many Young People can have a good time and raise awareness about sustainable development at the same time with the project “K2 Games – learning by playing”. This project was implemented in close cooperation with European Environment and Health Youth Coalition, Insight_epd and Society for Responsible Consumption.

In Transcaucasia CRISP in partnership with IDP Women´s Association “Consent” (Georgia), Peace Dialogue (Armenia), Youth Club PU (Azerbaijan) implemented the project “Women focused networks – women’s rights are human rights”.

Last year CRISP carried out the project “CCP synergy –Algeria”, which would have taken place in Algeria, but due to the Covid-19 was held in an online format. The realization of this project was with Amnesty International and Jeunes Leaders de Tunis.
Masarna” – our pathway” was conducted in 5 governorates in Jordan and gathered more than 150 participants to give them the necessary knowledge and skills needed to implement local initiatives. This initiative was taken part in cooperation with the Center for Development Services (Egypt) and Motivators Foundation (Jordan).

Promoting inclusive participation of Egyptian youth was a mission of the project “Y-LEAD – Creating Civic Spaces for Active Citizenship”. Centre for Development Services and Nadi El Mohakah Foundation were our partners in this undertaking.

During this time, we also organized many activities concerning conflict resolution practices, management, environmental, gender, tolerance, security and other issues. 

We hope you enjoy our Annual Report and appreciate our activities. As we do appreciate your support. In case you have some suggestions or new ideas on how to make our world better – please don`t hesitate to contact us!