Middle East/ Northern Africa

All Project Activities in Sudan Suspended

  • The African UN Youth Delegate and Representative Program AUNYD is not an official UN program. The UN Youth Delegate Program is driven and owned by UN Member States. Official Youth Delegates are always exclusively selected by UN Member States.  The civil society youth representatives we select at the AUNYD have a better chance to become national UN Youth Delegates through our training and support

After the worrying recent developments, the German Foreign Ministry is suspending its project activities in the Sudan. The ministry has made clear that the ongoing attempted military coup undermines the peaceful efforts of the Sudanese people for democracy and threatens the security and stability of the country. This also affects our current efforts to train UN Youth Representatives and to foster participatory processes and a vocal civil society in the country. Therefore, our current project is postponed until further notice. We support this decision because - after a whole generation of waiting and hoping- the people of Sudan finally deserve a peaceful transition from dictatorship towards democracy.