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Arabia Felix Peacebuilding quiz is now on Atingi

In collaboration with GIZ, CRISP finally launched the Arabia Felix Peacebuilding quiz on Atingi for Yemeni youth. The quiz is available in English and Arabic and is ready to welcome future Yemeni peacebuilders!

The Arabia Felix Peacebuilding quiz is an online quiz that aims at educating Yemeni youth with basic principles of peacebuilding. The quiz consists of 9 chapters, each tackling a different aspect of peacebuilding. Altogether, the chapters form a comprehensive overview of peacebuilding, helping Yemeni youth envision a roadmap for a more peaceful Yemen. 

The quiz is contextualized to address concepts of conflict, violence and peace amidst the diversity of Yemeni interest, providing a structural and systemic understanding of the field. 
The approach includes principles of peacebuilding in Islam, different narratives of the conflict, as well as insights on the past and present national and international peacebuilding efforts. It also empowers youth through revealing their potential and guiding them towards the steps of becoming active agents of peace in their communities. 

Participants take the quiz one chapter at a time, by the end of the ninth chapter they receive a certificate of completion. In addition, the quiz provides participants with relevant external resources where they can continue their quest to become active peacebuilders.