CRISP - Project


Peace and Conflict Consultants - Eastern Partnership

“Frozen” conflicts, political and economic instability, weak democracy and corruption continue being widely spread phenomena in the countries of EU-Eastern Partnership and Russia. As a reaction on that, we train youth from these countries as peacebuilders.

Quick facts


01.05. until 31.12.2018


Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine




approx. 200

They have been gaining knowledge and putting it into practice in their countries since over 3 years now. In 2018 we are completing this training, summarizing our results and making them accessible to all those working on peacebuilding in the region. We are going to collect, analyze, reflect and publish the experiences gained in the past years of the project in form of a handbook. Furthermore, we will be working on mapping of the active peace-building actors and encourage their networking for creation of a functioning infrastructure for peace.

Target Group

youth workers, grassroots activists, officials involved in peacebuilding process in the target countries.

Project Goals

The main objective of the project is to increase the quality of civil society peacebuilding measures in the target region and thus to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable peace infrastructure. We understand quality as increasing the competence of peace forces to apply proven methods of peaceful conflict transformation to specific contexts.

Likewise, the quality of individual measures can be significantly improved by linking them specifically to the activities of other actors. Improving quality also contributes to standardizing in the field of training for peacebuilders through the comprehensive evaluation of the curricula of the last three years. Last but not least, this should increase the visibility of peace-building measures and thus improve their acceptance in societies. 


The project was designed and implemented in close cooperation with


The project could be realized thanks to the kind support of the German Federal Foreign Ministry