CRISP - Simulation game

Simulation game

Tandera - Secession Conflict

Focussing on the establishment of a Peace-Agreement and finding sustainable solutions to a territorial conflict.


Professionals of the field of conflict-management, students, between 20 and 40 years old


International Relations, Conflict Transformation




4-6 hours, > 6 hours

Number of participants

12-20, 20-30




English, German

The simulation game focuses on the dynamics that evolve around a secessionist’s conflict. The setting is the fictional island of Darun, which consists of two states: Aponia and Betunia, which are respectively for the most part inhabited by one ethnicity. However, Tanderia, a region located in Aponia, is, nonetheless, mainly populated by Betunians. Yet, Aponians are dominating the political and public administration as well as the business sector. For a long time Betunians have demanded independence, but only recently tried to achieve this goal by violent means, including a rebel army. This had led  to an escalation of the situation. The simulation game takes place in the framework of an international peace conference. The different  actors have to discuss the future of Tanderia and to possible agree  on a peace treaty. Matters of debate are intended to be: territorial integrity vs. the right to self-determination, economic interests, security, refugees and IDPs as well as minority rights.

Scenario & Procedure

The actors in the simulation game are representatives of governments and non-recognized territories, civil society organizations, armed groups, third countries and international organizations. The aim of the conference is to find a peaceful solution to the conflict. However, especially with the escalation of the conflict in terms of violence and, moreover, the economic potentialities close to the Tanderian coast, positions have radicalized and each actor has his or her own objectives s/he tries to reach.


This simulation game is modelled after real conflict situations and refers to the diverse causes for conflict. The participants realize how complex such conflict situations can be and that resolutions should be as comprohensive as possible. The fictional scenario is a helpful way of discussing the possible solutions in an experimental environment.

Learning Goals
  • Understanding the dynamics and the capacities of the international community to resolve violent internal conflicts
  • Develop and test alternative problem-solving approaches
  • Transfer the experiences from the game into new approaches in reality