Civic Education Simulation for Georgian Schools 1st Training

Civic Education teachers from all over Georgia came together to learn about simulation gaming.

From 15. – 16. June, 20 Georgian civic education teachers from all regions of the country gathered in Tbilisi to learn about the method of simulation gaming and to experience the method first-hand as participants of a simulation game.

The workshop was the initial activity of the project “Civic Education Simulation for Georgian Schools”, which is being run in close cooperation with CRISP´s partner Civic Education Teacher´s Forum (CETF) in Tbilisi. The project is funded by the Eastern Partnership program of the German Federal Foreign Office.

The project is designed to educate teachers in the method of simulation gaming and to support them in developing and implementing three original simulation games for use in their classroom and after-school clubs.

At the first training the participants were introduced to the theory and methodology of the educational tool and took on roles as members of government, civil society and media while playing the simulation game Bribania, which focuses on combatting corruption. A development workshop, at which the participants will design and test their own simulation games, will take place in Berlin in August.