Project Update

Civic Education with Emancipatory Methods

A very emotional training with participants from Georgia in March 2022.

When we planned the residential training in Berlin, Russia has not started its full-scale invasion in Ukraine yet. We organized re-vaccination and boostering, bought flight tickets and booked the seminar house for 20 teachers from Georgia. And then Russian rockets fell on peaceful Ukrainian cities. We did not cancel the training, we implemented it, with tears and worries, checking news all the time, joining demonstrations in front of the Russian Embassy in the evenings.

İt was probably the most difficult training for participants and trainers.

We developed three emancipatory theatre plays and one simulation game on the topics of domestic violence, children rights and countering disinformation. We continue doing our job and try our best so that people receive good education, question information that they get, fight for human rights and respect freedom, peace and democracy. Georgian teachers have come back to Georgia and start implementation of the developed materials in the local schools. We will keep you updated on the further process.