Conducting Training of Trainers (ToTs) for professionals in Eswatini

CRISP recently organized two Training of Trainers (ToTs) sessions on September 11th and 18th for professionals working in Eswatini. These ToTs focused on the potential benefits of simulation games for NGOs in the region. Participants had the opportunity to engage in a simulated game of "Transolvia" to assess its practical advantages.

During the ToTs, participants actively engaged in a simulated game "Transolvia," allowing them to gain firsthand experience and evaluate the benefits of incorporating simulation games into their work. After having the opportunity to implement the simulation game themselves with our support on the 22nd of September, the feedback received during the evaluation process was overwhelmingly positive, emphasizing the practical relevance of simulation games for Eswatini.

This simulation “Transolvia” focuses on the role of the civil society and on the way, it can reform and be reformed as a basic part of a contemporary society. The scenario takes place on the fictional Mediterranean island named Transolvia. Recently local politics have been heavily influenced by two developments. First an international consortium of donors has established a trust to support democracy and stability in Transolvia, second since some months a grassroot movement called BASTA, that is organizing public protests and are quite well received by the population of Transolvia. So, should the actors cooperate with BASTA and endanger their bargaining position towards the government?

We are excited about the prospects of future collaborations and endeavors to continue its work in strengthening capacities and fostering innovative approaches within the NGO sector in Eswatini.