CRISP at the Autumn Academy 2022 in Essen, Germany

A workshop on citizen participation in municipal education management. The development of participation structures is an important building block in municipal education management in order to be able to include the interests of citizens in planning and to allow them to participate in decisions.

The development of participational structures is an important part in municipal education management, in order to be able to include citizens' interests in planning and decisions. At the Autumn Academy 2022 in Essen, CRISP covered the workshop "Citizen participation in municipal education management" and conducted the simulation game "Großbürgerhausen" with participants from municipal administration and education management. The simulation game simulates a fictitious citizens' forum and deals with practical questions and challenges of participation processes.

The question of this year's symposium "Kommune macht Bildung - Veränderungen wirksam begegnen" was how data-based municipal education management can remain capable of action, even under conditions of constant change. Finally, following the simulation game, the references to the participants' own fields of work were discussed and conclusions were drawn for participative municipal education management.