A Just City Concept for Bishkek

A Workshop and Simulation game about urban participation in Bishkek and a “Just City Concept” for Bishkek

Crisp was back in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. 
This time we spoke with activists from the local environmental movement, representatives of local NGOs, and the municipal administration about a Just City Concept for Bishkek and the role of participation in urban planning.
The workshop lasted 2 days and was conducted by CRISP in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Bishkek and our local partners from IPD. Based on research from the Central Asian Barometer on the needs and social perceptions in Bishkek, the participants explored different ways of urban participation and discussed their impact on society and urban development. 
With the simulation game "Banabia" - an adaptation of our simulation game "Großbürgerhausen" – that was conducted on the second day, the participants themselves were able to decide as a citizens' forum about the future of an old wasteland in their city and reflected the conflicting needs of different actors on urban space and the hurdles of fair and sustainable participation.