Simulation Board Game “Energetic Urban Development"

Urban Development Going Green. We went with it and developed a board game to help municipalities how to create more energy efficient and green homes.

Together with our partners “Begleitforschung Energetische Stadtsanierung, “Urbanizers – Büro für Städtische Konzepte”, “plan zwei Stadtplanung und Architektur” and “KEEA – Klima- und Energieeffizienz Agentur” we explored a bit closer to home: rethinking urban development to make it more energy efficient and green. The “Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau” (KfW) is giving grants to communities in Germany that want to take that route. Our simulation game is designed to give a low-threshold approach to the process: to gain an overview of the fields of action in urban energy redevelopment and to get to know the actors that are relevant to the neighborhood and the action. By using a fictitious scenario and roles of actors the central questions and action steps of the application are introduced and discussed. It then supports the transfer into real projects by providing a “future steps” session. The board game aims at people who are considering applying for “kfw” funding and have little or no previous knowledge of the funding program 432 "Energetic Urban Redevelopment". These can be municipal employees, but also other local actors from housing associations or energy suppliers who are interested in urban energy redevelopment. The material is available in German and for free.