CRISP - Simulation game

Simulation game


How citizens can be included in decision-making processes on local level?


municipality staff, professionals working in urban development


Democracy & Participation, Urban Development


Experienced, Expert


4-6 hours, > 6 hours

Number of participants

12-20, 20-30


Online, Onsite



This simulation shows the diverging interests of the city’s inhabitants when it comes to participation processes in urban developments. It simulates an open council meeting where the further use of an abandoned area within the city is discussed. The interests of the group of investors, the city administration and the various townspeople ranges from building town houses on the premises to keeping the area as a free space in the town centre. The goal is not necessarily to reach a consensus, but rather to encourage the participants to engage with questions of citizen participation and communication in town development from a new perspective.

Scenario & Procedure

In the middle of the fictional city of Middleton is an abandoned site of an old waving mill. During the simulation an open council meeting takes place, where the different residents discuss, what should be build on this abandoned site. The players step into the roles of architects, investors, journalists, and residents. There is also high opposition against the existing plans. So, very different demands and interests are represented and the participants have to discuss these diverse ideas.


The main goal is to raise awareness for alternative approaches to urban development within the target group of municipality employees. Furthermore, new approaches of how to increase civic participation will be explored and evaluated. By experiencing what is behind the diverging interests of the city’s inhabitants, the participant will be empowered to plan adequately to their needs. In the end, this should lead to a more efficient and democratic urban development.

Learning Goals
  • The participants will be empowered to plan adequately to the needs of the residents
  • More efficient and democratic urban development
  • Redesigning the procedure of civic participation
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