CRISP just concluded an online training on Peaceful Conflict Transformation

Between August 25 and September 8 2020, CRISP concluded an interactive online training on peaceful conflict transformation. After an introduction in relevant fields of peace and conflict studies, the participants learned about several conflict analysis tools, which they tried and tested throughout the duration of the course. In a following field-study sessions, speakers from CRISP partner organizations from selected target regions in Kirgizstan, Egypt as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina gave practical insights into conflict settings and how to systematically explore structural factors, dynamics and actors in order to draw the conclusions necessary to design sensible and sustainable project interventions. The attendees then used the learned knowledge and applied it to the cases provided by CRISP or used examples from their own work.  In a final session, the CRISP team gave further insights on how to evade pitfalls when doing real life conflict analysis and how to use them for transformative project design. We enjoy this refreshing new way of training and are looking forward to further expand our online offers so stay tuned!