CRISP Retreat 2024

We're excited to share a summary of our recent retreat at "Villa Sophienschlösschen," which took place from January 17th to 19th.

We gathered at this charming venue, nestled in a beautiful natural landscape, for our second CRISP family retreat. Over the past year, we've seen growth in our projects and within our team, making this retreat a valuable opportunity to strengthen our bonds.

The primary goal of this retreat was to enhance our team's unity, engage in team-building activities, and generate fresh ideas for CRISP's future work.

Our time at this lovely location began with peaceful walks in the natural surroundings, providing a chance for us to reflect on our roles at CRISP and our motivations.

In addition to these activities, we enjoyed singing, played board games, and tackled a team-created quest. To add a touch of fun, we even had a friendly rap competition!

This retreat allowed us to delve deeper into our belief that conflicts can be opportunities for growth. The insights we gained will be instrumental as we plan for our future projects.

We're eager to apply the ideas and motivation we gained from this retreat to continue promoting democratic values, fostering international understanding, and working toward peaceful conflict resolution.