Middle East/ Northern Africa

CRISP supports the development of “Wasl” camp: a resilience building workshop for Egyptian Youth

In partnership with Khalil El Masry, our CCP intern and representative of the Egyptian NGO Selmeya, the resilience building workshop “Wasl” also  “Connections” in English was developed to guide Egyptian youth through a journey of reflection, self exploration and consequently, resilience building.

The workshop aims to connect participants with their identities and empower them with conflict analysis tools and communication skills that strengthens their resilience and prepares them to face the hardships of the world with a peaceful approach. 

The workshop consisted of five main modules: identity, conflicts, trauma, communication and power. Altogether the modules cover five dimensions of resilience: intellectual, emotional, behavioral, physical and spiritual. The camp also included meditation and yoga sessions to further help sharpen participants’ concentration and elevate their mental well-being. 

Another objective of the workshop is to create a safe space for participants to connect through exchanging ideas. Hence, experience sharing sessions were part of the workshop, where participants were given the opportunity to speak their minds and optionally open up about ideas and experiences of their own.