Documentary: Hidden Memories

The video-documentary about our project HIDDEN MEMORIES, an audio-installation that contributes to the culture of remembrance regarding the events on Maidan in Kyiv in 2013/14. 

See the present. Listen to the past. Walk in their shoes...

HIDDEN MEMORIES is a public audio-installation on Maidan Square that speaks about the experiences and values of both supporters and critics of the Maidan Revolution of 2013/14, people on both sides of the barricades. The stories that you hear during the tour were collected by project participants from across Ukraine during a series of workshops with German and Ukrainian trainers. They were recorded by professional voice artists and framed by an original music score.

HIDDEN MEMORIES is a mobile app, a pioneering work of storytelling through technology, created by an IT lab from Germany and available in four languages. It allows both Ukrainians and foreigners to dive into the unique moment of history which was the Revolution.

HIDDEN MEMORIES is a joint Ukrainian-German documentary art project combining approaches of oral history and conflict resolution with modern IT technologies.

HIDDEN MEMORIES is not about finding out who was right. It is an effort to help find common ground between conflicting points of view, contributing to closing a gap that is dividing the people of Ukraine. It is an exercise in empathy through change of perspective.