Middle East/ Northern Africa

Egypt – A Vision for Egypt 2025

Beginning of June we had in Egypt the midterm Evaluation Seminar of our Project –A Vision for Egypt 2025. We evaluated the Simulation Game ‘’El Wasaaya’’ that we designed together with the participants in April.

The topic of the designed Simulation Game was peaceful coexistence and the question of what could the different sectors of the society (private sector, civil society, media, government, religion section) do to open communication channels to achieve a more peaceful future for everyone. Afterwards the game was implemented by the participants in Cairo, Assiut, Luxor, Sohag and Fayoum until June.

The Simulation Game was evaluated and modified in the midterm evaluation Seminar. The implementation Phase will continue until September. We hereby wish our participants good luck in implementing the rest of the workshops and are looking forward to the results.