Empowering Syrian Committee and Opposition with Mediation Skills

In a significant step towards promoting effective conflict resolution and mediation skills, the anticipated webinar titled “Introduction to Mediation” was successfully held on 11th May 2023. The virtual event brought together 20 members of the Syrian Constitutional Committee and the Syrian Opposition to enhance their understanding of mediation principles and equip them with valuable tools for conflict resolution.

The webinar provided an interactive and engaging learning experience for the participants. Through interactive discussions, and practical examples, attendees gained a comprehensive introduction to mediation, the vital role of mediators in conflict situations, and the effective application of mediation tools.

Throughout the webinar, our expert trainer from CRISP worked closely with the group to customize the materials and ensure that the learning objectives were met satisfactorily. Our trainer Dina Farid led the session, guiding participants through the intricacies of mediation and providing valuable insights based on their expertise.

This successful webinar underscores our commitment to promoting mediation as a constructive and impactful approach to conflict resolution. By equipping the Syrian Constitutional Committee and SNC members with mediation skills, this initiative aims to contribute positively to ongoing peacebuilding efforts in the region.