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HakhodHa’ay - I will take my Right

HakhodHa’ay is an initaitive against Gender-Based-Violence that was developed and implemented in the course of our project SET-5.

Under the course of SET project, we are happy to share with you the successfully implemented initiative HakhodHa’ay (I will take my Right). HakhodHa’ay is a Gender Based Violence initiative that with widely disseminated and received a huge media coverage.

The overall goal of the initiative is eliminating all forms of harassment that women (15-30) are subjected to as well as teaching women self-defense. Through the intiative, our partners from Nadi El Mohake, managed to build the capacity of 25 women that resulted in a short play about harassment. They also conducted one-day Wendo workshop for 25 women; a psychosocial support session about harassment; and organized one- day seminar with 25 men (age 18-25) about harassment and how to combat it. In the presence of Miss Egypt Farah Shaaban, the writer Yasmin Al Khatib, Tamer Faraj and Dr. Amr Hassan, a seminar for both men and women in which the topic of harassment was discussed.

To know more details about the initiative, please check their Facebook page.