Kick-off meeting of new project “A Vision for Jordan 2025”

From 22th until 27th of March our kick-off workshop for our new Jordan project called “A Vision for Jordan 2025 - Supporting Youth Active Citizenship for Community Development took place in Cairo

CRISP met with its project partners CDS MENA, the representative of the regional office of CDS in Jordan and our local implementing partner, the director of the NGO “Motivators for Training (MOTIVE) to discuss our cooperation in the the next months.

With the local context in mind, the goal of our new project is to enable Jordanian youth to demonstrate an enhanced sense of commitment towards local development through social engagement within and beyond their communities. In doing so, the project is divided into two phases: 1) Creating a Vision for Jordanian Youth 2025, and 2) Developing community-level initiatives that support the realization of the previously developed vision.

This project will complement the efforts of two important programs working on engaging youth and encouraging active citizenship, namely, the UNESCO Networks of Mediterranean Youth (NET-MED Youth) and the OECD/EU Youth Inclusion project. It will serve as an innovative platform to inspire constructive participation in decision-making for policy, and empower youth to drive local development through community-based social enterprise.

The innnovative element of this project is the application of tools of non-formal-education, most importantly our method of simulation gaming to develop the vision for 2025. The method will help to create a save space for youth to discuss issues that matter most to them and create a common narrative.

We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with our long-term partner CDS and our new partner MOTIVE in Jordan in the next 2 years ahead of us.