Middle East/ Northern Africa

Milestone: Nadi El Mohake becoming an independent network

CRISP, the Center for Development Services (CDS) and the Simulation Gamers Club Egypt (SimClub) came together for a workshop on “fundraising and planning” in Cairo from 16th until 20th of September.

Since our very first activity in Egypt in 2012, we have developed a Vision for Egypt 2025 and realized numerous initiatives that contribute to the realization of that vision. Part of that vision is Nadi El Mohake becoming an independent network of trainers of non-formal education.

Last week we met in Cairo with 25 participants from 15 different governorates. The highlights of the workshop were the election of 12 founding members and 4 board member positions (Chairman, Secretary General, Vice-president, Treasurer); the development of a Manifesto of the organization; activities around fundraising and networking; the development of a road map for 2019 and a panel discussion with CSR representatives. By the end of the week, for the first time, the newly elected board presented their work to an international audience.

We were honored to be part of this important moment of history for the future of Nadi El Mohake and are looking forward to continue our support for SimClub to become independent in 2019.