New Intern Gyenom Lambat

Student intern Gyenom Lambat from Nigeria arrives at CRISP.

CRISP´s newest intern is Gyenom Raymond Lambat from Nigeria. Gyenom is a student at Baze University in Nigeria´s capitol, Abuja. He studies International Relations and Diplomacy.

Gyenom has a vivid vision for the future, which facilitates a sense direction in his life. After he finishes university, he plans to get a Masters and PHD degree. When he finishes all his studies, he wishes to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Canada or at the United Nations.

As part of his studies, Gyenom must do an internship. At CRISP he is discovering ways in which conflicts and crises can be eradicated or reduced in Nigeria. CRISP is working to develop a project aimed at decreasing the chances of more conflicts happening in the future in Nigeria, a country which is currently engulfed with wars and conflicts. Gyenom is helping CRISP do a conflict analysis of the situation and develop the outlines for future projects.

Gyenom says: “CRISP is the place to be for International Relations interns. When I first came to CRISP, I was overwhelmed by the welcoming atmosphere created by each and every individual. The individuals within the organisation are very delightful, open minded and peaceful. Such an environment makes interns very happy to come and work every day.”