New Simulation Game "Ard El-Azm"

Over the course of our project "A Vision for Jordanian Youth 2030" with the Center for Development Services (CDS) and Motivators For Training, we developed the simulation game "Ard EI-Azm".

This game is designed to equip members of civil society with the skills to recognize the various challenges in their society, and provide practical solutions that could be implemented for all its members. 

The participants find themselves in a fictitious city named "EI-Maamoula" (the Desired One) where they discuss the social challenges of unemployment, poor education, and lack of social participation. This simulation game is implemented for the first time in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It aims to motivate young people to identify the roots of social challenges and help them reflect on the reality of social challenges in their society during the evaluation stage.