Newsletter March 2020

What we did before we had to move into our Homeoffices.

Dear partners, supporters and friends,

We sincerely hope this newsletter finds you well, and that your colleagues and families are healthy. We all had to adapt quickly to the changes brought about by COVID-19, and reprogram our projects and overall annual plans. No doubt, 2020 is already our most challenging year to date. Nonetheless, we are still confident we will be able to implement most of our projects and workshops as planned. We hope our next newsletter will confirm this…

We have been preparing the following newsletter from our Home-Offices. We are happy to present to you our 2019 Annual Report, that as usual, contains a summary of our activities, as well as the financial turnover for the past year. Despite the fact that 2020 is still young and the last weeks have been quite turbulent, we’ve managed to already implement several activities and to finalize some results from our project in Jordan (2019) and Egypt (2020) – please find the details below.

We hope you enjoy this newsletter. Whenever you see chances for cooperation or mutual support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards from Berlin,