Organizational Development in Kyrgyzstan

Throughout the year we conducted an organizational development process for our partners “Institute for Peace and Development” (IPD) in Kyrgyzstan.

IPD was founded 2019 and consists of our long-term cooperation partners and alumni from the numerous activities we conducted in Kyrgyzstan over the last five years.  Apart from continuing the project work independently, they also established themselves as a training provider for various INGOs and Kyrgyz state institutions. To further support them in their organizational development we conducted a two phased consultancy. In the first phase the focus was put on organizational basics. This included an organizational capacity assessment, the creation of a code of conduct for key administrative processes as well as the development of a mid- and long-term strategy plan. During the second phase, the consultancy process was related to project development and application writing. Starting from a thorough problem analysis we supported IPD in developing a comprehensive two-year peacebuilding project, which they applied for at the German Federal Foreign Office.