Peace and Conflict Consultants Kyrgyzstan: 2nd Seminar

26 Kyrgyz participants gathered again to develop peacebuilding initiatives for their communities.

From 18.-24. September the second training of the project „Peace and Conflict Consultants“ was held in Kegeti and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, the project is educating 26 Kyrgyz participants in conflict analysis and initiative implementation. After two months of analyzing the conflicts in their local districts, participants came together to present their findings and develop peacebuilding initiatives to address their communities´ needs.

The participants presented their conflict analyses and received feedback from the group and the program facilitators. They were given plenty of time to prepare peacebuilding initiatives and were given ample support and feedback from their peers and the facilitators. CRISP presented sessions on program development and management, the concepts of Do No Harm and Reflecting on Peace Processes, goal-setting, communication and moderation of seminars. Through interactive training methods participants were able to practice the skills they learned, which helped them prepare for their role as facilitators during their own initiatives.

At the end of the seminar the participants presented their initiatives at a roundtable in Bishkek with guests from government and civil society in attendance. The valuable experience of presenting to Kyrgyz experts and receiving their feedback improved the quality of their initiatives even more.

During October and November participants will implement 14 initiatives in all 7 regions of Kyrgyzstan before coming together again in Bishkek in December to evaluate their experiences with the seminar facilitators, their peers and the roundtable experts.