Professionalization of Peaceworkers

CRISP´s contribution to one of the most popular peacebuilding courses in Germany

Traditionally, CRISP facilitates the final module within the full-time course on peace and conflict work at ZFD Academy, where participants can immerse themselves in the intensive training, focusing on conflict analysis, intervention planning, negotiation, and peace project implementation. The training began with an overview of conflict analysis tools, emphasizing their significance in addressing conflicts effectively.
A highlight of the training was the simulation game KODORI, where participants implemented their knowledge in a conflict scenario. Over 2.5 days, they strategically planned interventions, assuming different roles, and honed their negotiation skills.
Following the simulation game, participants reflected on their involvement and contributions, considering how they would apply their skills in real civil peace service jobs. The discussions during the simulation game sparked enthusiasm for further exploring political negotiations and go deeper into the topic of transitional justice.
The training highlighted the complexities of implementing peace projects and the importance of connecting them to the broader political landscape. Participants gained a deeper understanding of facilitating peaceful conflict transformation and the need to engage with various actors and sectors for sustainable peace. The implementation showcased remarkable progress, with participants developing negotiation and conflict analysis skills while exploring power dynamics and other critical aspects of peacebuilding.
CRISP values its collaboration with the ZFD Academy and the opportunity to engage with peace professionals from different countries. We are grateful for the dedication and enthusiasm shown by the participants and eagerly anticipate their future contributions to the field of peace and conflict work.