Full-Time Course in Peace and Conflict Work in Königswinter, Germany

In their roles of different stakeholders, the participants have to act in an environment of imperfect information and uncertainties concerning the interests and relations between different actors. During the process they have to reflect on group dynamics in a stressful environment and create trust in unsecure conditions in order to bring the conflicting parties to the table.  

Creating context-dependent and conflict sensitive approaches is vital to fostering resilient peace. By familiarizing the participants with conflict situations they were able to gain the knowledge to identify gaps and define further learning fields. Participants were people who work in, or plan to enter the field of conflict transformation, peacebuilding or conflict-sensitive development cooperation, and already have relevant work experience. The participants were able to combine previous experience with a needs-based approach aimed at  tackling unclear surroundings. After learning the tools of conflict analysis, they were able to apply these in a constructive and dynamic way. Through readings, interactive discussions and simulation tactics, the training course was able to provide the necessary tools to build subjective and sustainable strategies, transferring insights into reality.