Simulation Game for Energy-efficient urban redevelopment

Online-Training for multipliers

We conducted the first online multiplier trainings for the simulation game „Energy-Efficient Urban Redevelopment”. After testing the simulation game in a physical and online format, we now train ca. 20 experts from communal administrations and energy consultancy firms to conduct it with the target group in German municipalities. We had interesting and fruitful discussions and enjoyed the day with our participants and are looking forward to the next training.

In cooperation with the Urbanizers, Crisp developed the game in 2019 and is now happy to pass the method on to people from communal level and energy consulting to help raise awareness about national subsidy schemes and foster grant application skills. With the game, participants are guided through the most important steps in the preparation of the application for the KFW credit program no°432, which subsidizes concepts and implementation for energy-efficient urban renovation.