Simulation Game on educational and environmental issues

CRISP with EdCamp present new simulation game Bezvodiv (Nowaterburg) that deals with educational and environmental issues, as well as develop active citizenship among youth.

A simulation game set in the fictional town Bezvodiv (Nowaterburg), where people don`t have access to water. The source of water is far from the town and it creates a lot of problems for its citizens. One week, students did not come to school at all. Teachers decided to organize a public meeting to discuss the problem of water supply, and raise awareness of the importance of the education among parents. Many locals were invited: students, their parents, local authorities, business representatives, and other citizens. Usage of pasture land and potential investments will also be discussed there. In the end participants vote for the best plan of the further development. 

The overall goal is to learn different aspects and conditions that can influence human rights in everyday life. The simulation game gives the participants space to reflect on who is responsible for the realization of their right to education, and how public and private spheres are interrelated in their influence on it. The simulation game can be conducted with a group of 12 to 30 participants and over a time span of 90 minutes.