Simulation Game

Simulation Game Shebania with Youth in Bahrain

Forming practical skills in negotiations and policy writing through an interactive format.


For the third consecutive year, we partnered with the Youth Pioneer Society to conduct a simulation game for the bright young people of Bahrain. This year's edition took place on August 18-19 and gathered a total of 35 participants, aged between 18 and 23. They are a part of a broader "Young Parliamentarian" program organized annually by the Youth Pioneer Society.

During the workshop, participants took over the roles of civil, economic, and governmental stakeholders in the fictional country of Shebania. Through engaging discussions and debates, they delved into pressing issues such as youth engagement, social cohesion, and economic disparities. We also had deep reflections on critical topics like political participation, education, and gender equality in the debriefing session.

The overarching goals of this project were to promote youth engagement and deepen their understanding of political involvement while identifying essential youth concerns. The program aims to ensure the sustained participation of young individuals in their political contexts over the long term. We had a blast working with the young Bahrainis and are looking forward to the next collaboration opportunities with our local partner.