New Colleague

Welcoming Marcelo to the CRISP team!

We are excited to welcome Marcelo to our rapidly expanding CRISP-team!

He holds an MSc. in Sustainable International Agriculture and is interested in social-ecological resilience and climate change adaptation. Before joining CRISP, Marcelo worked in the fields of agroecology, social inclusion, youth empowerment, climate change adaptation strategies, and local resilience building in Germany and Latin America.
As a project manager and extension worker, he has worked with indigenous youth in Peruvian Amazon communities, as well as farmers and peasants in Ecuador and Guatemala. His MSc thesis focused on innovative remote sensing techniques for assessing the impact of agroforestry systems on crop production, thereby contributing to the development of new monitoring techniques and the study of land-use practices that contribute to increased agricultural resilience to climate change. Marcelo also co-organized the academic festival Latiknows at the University of Göttingen and moderated events that incited public debate about society and politics. Marcelo and three colleagues were awarded the PASCH Alumni Project of the Year Award in 2018 for an environmental protection project that assisted indigenous youth in the Amazon region in strengthening their cultural identity and exploring opportunities for their own economic activity. Marcelo is enthused to be a part of CRISP's young, dynamic, and creative team. He is excited to be able to learn about and contribute to crucial issues such as climate change, conflict transformation, adaptation strategies, and youth empowerment through CRISP projects. We are so happy to have him on board!