New Colleague

Welcome our new intern Alice!

CRISP is thrilled to welcome Alice Reece to our team! Hailing from the north of England with a unique cultural background of a German mother and English father, Alice brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in international law and reconciliation.

Alice's academic journey started with a Bachelor's degree in Law from Lancaster University, where she also volunteered at various Legal Clinics, including the Immigration and Asylum Clinic. Her passion for helping people and interacting with diverse communities grew during this time, as she assisted individuals on their journey to settling in England.

Building on her bachelor's degree, Alice pursued a Master's in International Law and International Relations, also at Lancaster University. Her research interests included topics such as the annexation of Crimea, territorial sovereignty, EU asylum policy, and the success of the Gacaca Courts in Rwanda. Her dissertation, titled "Investigate whether international legal frameworks on genocide promote reconciliation," provided her with a deep understanding of the political landscapes in Rwanda and Bosnia, which served as her case studies.

After completing her studies, Alice embarked on a new adventure in Germany, where she worked as a part-time translator and gained further experience in the field. Her passion for international law and reconciliation led her to join CRISP as an intern, and she is thrilled to contribute her knowledge to the interesting and valuable projects being developed at our organization.

Alice's diverse background, bilingual skills, and expertise in international law and reconciliation make her a valuable addition to our team. We are excited to have her on board and look forward to her contributions to our mission of promoting conflict transformation, youth empowerment, and adaptation strategies in the face of global challenges. Welcome, Alice!